Environmental responsibility

Environmental protection is a genuine concern for UPERGY. Being environmentally friendly is a commitment for everyone. It is permanent, effective and complements the values implemented every day within the group.

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To fulfil these commitments, an environmental management system is in place in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001:2004.

  • Recycling

    • Batteries and electronic waste: UPERGY provides its customers with free and simple means to recover these used products, which are then recycled
    • Paper, cardboard: A “zero paper” policy is complied with by all UPERGY employees, and sorting and recycling are effective on all sites.

    Key figure: UPERGY sorts nearly 82% of its waste.

  • Focus on our warehouse in Corbas

    • A cardboard baler has been installed to recycle cardboard into wedges for shipping parcels
    • Plastic, wood and other cardboard is sorted and then recovered by a service provider who recycles nearly 95% of the collected waste.
  • Energy consumption

    UPERGY is constantly working on its power consumption:

    • Through the installation of more economical lighting systems
    • By raising awareness among employees on a daily basis about the use of lighting, air conditioning and heating.

    UPERGY is also concerned about its water consumption and has installed economisers in the washroom facilities at its various sites.

    UPERGY’s environmental approach is part of a cycle of continuous improvement. It is in this context that the company is committed to:

    • Formulating, communicating and monitoring clearly defined objectives
    • Involving staff
    • Implementing actions to correct and/or prevent situations that directly or indirectly harm the environment.