Social responsibility

Reinforcing Workplace Quality of Life Initiatives

UPERGY’s values include well-being in the workplace. A driver of employee commitment and a lever of attractiveness, it is by improving the daily lives of its employees that the Group creates meaning and commitment to its global approach.

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Guaranteeing the health and safety of employees

Health and safety prevention is a major point of attention in all the Group’s activities. With its ISO 45001 certification, UPERGY has a strategy for preventing risks and promoting health and safety in the workplace. This certification is a tool for the Group to continually improve its actions so that employees can work in conditions that are safe for their health and safety. UPERGY is also working to incorporate the risks associated with climate change into its continuous improvement system in order to anticipate the consequences they could have on employees’ working conditions ( product handling at higher temperatures, working conditions during heat waves, etc.).

Maintaining equal treatment for men and women

Ensuring gender parity is a historical focus, the Group’s overall workforce being balanced between men and women. Since 2020, UPERGY’s commitment has been to maintain this balance while the company grows.

Discover the professional equality index figures:

2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024
Pay gap between W and M 36/40 38/40 37/40 33/40
Individual salary increase gap between W and M 35/35 25/35 35/35 35/35
Salary increase in return from maternity 15/15 not calculable not calculable 15/15
% of women in the 10 highest-paid jobs 5/10 5/10 5/10 5/10
Global grade 91/100 80/100 91/100 88/100

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Fighting pay inequality

Unequal treatment can take different forms. Since salary is the most important issue for an employee, UPERGY’s main commitment is to guarantee equivalent salaries and wages for all people in equivalent positions in comparable geographic areas. The management of internal promotions and pay rises must also follow this same approach, independently of any discriminatory factors.

Promoting diversity of profiles, equal treatment and inclusion

One of our Group’s core values is based on giving all our employees the opportunity to develop professionally without discrimination on the basis of physical appearance, gender or origin. Through its recruitment activities, UPERGY helps to promote job integration, particularly for young people, seniors and people recognised as disabled workers.

Diversity charter and LGBT+ Charter link