General Meetings

Those responsible for organising General Meetings
David BUFFELARD – PDG ; Aristide BADO – DAF
Phone : +33 (0)

  • Date and place of the general meeting : May, 24 2022 Ordinary General Meetinge, Limonest >> Download the invitation
  • Meeting notice published in BALO: Link
  • Board report on resolutions: N / A
  • Board report on resolutions: N/A
  • Delegations of authority: Annual Report Extract
  • Corporate Summary: Annual Report Extract
  • Annual Financial Report: Link
  • CAC report on collective agreements: Annual Report Extract
  • Board report on corporate governance: Annual Report Extract
  • Total amount of best investment return: Link
  • Total amount of payments made in application of article 238 bis of the CGI:
  • List of directors and mandates: Link
  • Information about candidates for directorships: Link
  • Description of the share buyback programme: Link
  • Statutory Auditors’ Report: Link
  • Press release about the availability of documents for the GM: N/A
  • Document request form : request to send documents and information and admission card to the January 2022 General Meeting
  • Proxy or postal voting form: Link
  • Total number of voting rights: Link
  • Resolutions : Link
  • List of items added to the agenda by shareholders : N/A
  • Answers of the Board to written questions from shareholders: N/A
  • Slideshow : Link
  • Video of the General Meeting: N/A
  • Results of the votes: N/A
  • In the event of a negative vote on the Say on Pay resolution: N/A
  • Minutes of the GM: N/A