Societal responsibility

UPERGY’s business operates in the field of energy, a sector that is essential to the economy but which faces a number of ecological and social challenges in order to engage in a truly sustainable transformation. The Group is implementing internal actions to work towards this goal, but also plans to collaborate with other sector players in the sector to achieve a more global transformation. To cover all the SDGs, including those on which UPERGY cannot act directly, the Group made the decision to select partners.

Participating in transforming the business sector

UPERGY wants to innovate on its own scale by integrating an eco-design approach for batteries, led by its Innovation Department. The goal is to offer customers a range of products based on energy and environmental performance. The Group is aware of the energy storage sector’s realities, and recognises that there are both environmental and social challenges to overcome (particularly concerning working conditions in supplier countries) in order to achieve a sustainable transformation of this business sector. These challenges can only be addressed in collaboration with the other stakeholders in the sector. This is why UPERGY wishes to work with European institutions to make progress in areas such as component recycling and urban mobility.

Supporting the work of organisations

During the consultation with stakeholders, SDGs relating to poverty, hunger, education and water emerged as the most significant. As UPERGY is not in a position to take direct action on these issues, or on the subject of SDG 16, it has chosen to rely on third parties. A methodology has been established to ensure that every euro invested is used as effectively as possible.

UPERGY actively supports a variety of organisations :

  • Terre Citoyenne et Solidaire is a humanitarian association created in 2012 by several young people who were 16 years old at the time and which is composed exclusively of volunteers
    The organisation works in France and abroad on sustainable solidarity projects to help the most vulnerable.
  • Réseau Entreprendre : This organisation, of which Christian DUTEL (CEO of the company until 2005 and Director until 2020) is an active member, helps new entrepreneurs to create or take over a business.
    Réseau Entreprendre now counts 67 organisations in France and was recognised as being of public utility by decree of the Council of State on 15/01/2003.
  • Coupe de Pouce : Founded in 2007, the association aims to inspire young people to become entrepreneurs, by organizing presentations by volunteer entrepreneurs in secondary and higher education classes.
  • 100.000 entrepreneurs: Since 2012, David BUFFELARD has been taking part in classes in the region.