Our products

UPERGY is a European manufacturer and distributor specialising in autonomous energy (batteries, chargers, portable lighting, solar solutions and products related to security and housing).

  • Great partnerships

    For many years, UPERGY has been collaborating with well-known brands such as Duracell, Yuasa, Panasonic, Saft, Arts Energy, Exide, etc.

  • The group’s own brands

    The UPERGY group also markets products under its own Nx and MB Security brands:

    This allows us to offer our customers exclusive and innovative products, with a better quality/price ratio and to control product quality, drawing on more than 20 years’ experience in subcontracting and imports.

  • A repackaging offer to give products a second life

    In order to supplement its offer, UPERGY also makes it possible for its customers to recondition batteries that they can no longer find on the market. In fact, in its workshops or stores, customers’ used batteries are reconditioned by replacing defective cells and other components in order to give them a second life.

  • Here is a selection of available products:

    Its depth of range and expertise make UPERGY the battery specialist with the market’s most extensive portfolio.


Button cell batteries

Accumulators and Chargers

Lead and LiFePO4 batteries

Starter Batteries

Chargers and Power Supplies

Portable lights

Solar equipment

Home Security

Batteries and Chargers for Power Tools

Laptop Batteries and Chargers

Cell Phone Batteries and Chargers

Batteries for Drones


Batteries for Alarm Systems

Walkie-Talkie Batteries and Chargers

Medical Batteries

Batteries for PLCs

Batteries for Bluetooth Speakers

Batteries for Smartwatches

Batteries for Headphones

Batteries for Embedded Cameras

Batteries for Crane Remote Controls

Batteries and Chargers for Vacuum Cleaners