Our customers

  • Users

    UPERGY has a very diverse customer portfolio: private individuals but also professionals, which can be grouped as follows:

    Industry Electricity Food industry Construction and Public Works
    Maintenance Fire services, Police & Army Transport & Logistics Chemicals and Petrochemicals
    Telecommunications Security, Alarms Services: water, electricity, gas Audiovisual
    Public and Governmental Administrations Health Leisure Electronics
  • Distributors

    • Distribution network to professionals (craftspersons, companies, communities, etc.) or private individuals
    • Small retailers
    • Big companies
    • Wholesalers.
  • Manufacturers

    A few examples of the occupations of our customers who are manufacturers of electrical/electronic devices: remote controls for internet providers’ routers, healthcare chairs, automatic pool covers, swing shutters, drones, connected objects, GPS emergency locator beacon, measuring devices, etc.