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Purchasing’s role within our group is very important because we are subject to variations and fluctuations in raw materials and transport. The objective is therefore to buy within optimal cost and quality conditions. The purchasing department manages an average of 150 suppliers. In 2006, we also set up a Purchasing/Sourcing office in China to be closer to our suppliers and to ensure the quality of the products that we distribute.

The purpose of the Quality department is to make the customer the group’s prime focus. To achieve this, it implements Quality management systems aligned with consumer expectations.

The first mission of the Marketing department is to add value to products and increase sales. For this, excellent product knowledge is vital. Its second mission is to keep on top of market trends in order to manage demand and anticipate customer needs.

The IT department must continually adapt to changes due to the growing evolution of technologies, as they are constantly used by our employees in all professions. Its objective is to deliver a reliable, good quality service in order to help our teams develop and drive the growth of their business.

Since UPERGY is convinced that our employees are actual resources, we value and develop their talents through an ambitious HR policy. Attracting talent and involving employees are the HR department’s main missions.

Whether on the field or on the phone, our sales representatives are responsible for promoting our products and developing their customer portfolios. The latter is very varied: industry, health, audiovisual, leisure, telecommunications, supermarkets, etc.

The Finance department is definitively a service that makes it possible to monitor and measure the company’s performance. Changes in the methods and tools used by Finance provide better risk management and, consequently, much more accurate management of the Group as a whole.

A genuine link between departments, the Communication department makes it possible to share and explain the group’s decisions, bring together and unite its employees and promote the company’s values and performance.

The mission of the Logistics department is to provide the right product, at the right time, in the right place, at the lowest possible cost. This is becoming a real added value for customer satisfaction and an increasingly strategic hub within the company.