CSR policy

In light of the social and environmental expectations of its stakeholders, UPERGY wants to continue to expend on a model of responsible growth and value creation founded on innovation in its organisations, its core business and its field. UPERGY is committed to being a forerunner on these topics in our business sector.

Through its CSR policy, UPERGY is committed to implementing initiatives that support the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Group consulted its internal and external stakeholders in 2021 to obtain their views on the priority issues to be addressed. As a result, more significant action is being taken on issues that stakeholders consider to be priorities. More substantial actions are therefore planned for the other issues.

UPERGY has worked on a CSR strategy that takes into account the main climate risks that the Group will or could face (heatwave, risk of flooding, etc.). The purpose of the measures taken is therefore to anticipate these risks as far as possible in order to reduce their impact on the Group’s business and its employees.

Cooperation is one of the company’s core values, and UPERGY has chosen to involve its stakeholders in deploying its CSR action plan to gradually build a more virtuous business model for people and the planet.

This global corporate approach has two objectives:

  • Anticipating economic, social and environmental changes and transitions
  • Ensuring UPERGY’s long-term viability in a world where environmental and social risks are on the rise.

You can find our commitments in our CSR Policy, and details of our approach in our Declaration of Extra-financial Performance.