Economic responsibility

UPERGY is committed to the coordinated and sustainable development of all its partners: customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and bankers.

UPERGY’s strategy is therefore to have no dependency of any kind in order to ensure its sustainability by limiting potential risks as much as possible. UPERGY is concerned about its financial equilibrium. Its debt is limited, its profitability permanent (the company has never lost money).

Its turnover has always been growing steadily, its suppliers are paid on average within 45 days and a regular and transparent communication is set up with all partners.

Key figures

Indicators as of December 31, 2020


€ 42M

Current operating profit

+ € 0.2M

Net income

– € 0.6M

Shareholders’ equity

€ 10,1M

Turnover outside France


Market capitalisation

€ 22,8M


314 employees

Global sites

23 sites


71 shops

E-commerce sites

8 sites


6000 m²